Thursday, December 6, 2007

My First Real Snow

Yesterday it snowed! When I first looked out the window, I saw the snow flakes but everything else looked normal. Then I looked outside a little bit later and there was snow(I pronounce it "nose") everywhere ... on mommy's car, on the sidewalk, on trees.

After my afternoon nap, Mommy put a lot of clothes on me and Ee. Mommy got my Pooh shovel out for me to play with (My aunt "ween" bought it for me for my first Christmas. I am finally able to use it). I had so much fun. I really like the snow.
I played for what Mommy said was 20 minutes, but then my hands started to hurt from being really cold. Mommy had put mittens on me, but the snow kept sticking to them and I didn't like that so I took them off.
Last night we were at Grammy's house for dinner. When we were leaving, Daddy had to clean the car off so I got to play in the snow a little bit more! I really like the snow!

Maybe Mommy will let me play in it again today.

This is a picture of Ee out in the snow.