Friday, July 18, 2008

Helping Mommy

Boy do I love to help Mommy! A couple of weeks ago, I was helping Mommy make zucchini bread. She let me put ingredients in the mixer bowl. With the first egg, only the yellow part went in the bowl. The clear slimy part went on the counter. Mommy cleaned it up and just told me to be more careful. So I was more careful with the other 2 eggs. Those eggs went in the bowl with no problem. Then came the sugar. I spilled quite a bit of it on the counter (I didn't do it on purpose. I helped to clean it up by eating it). Then I wanted to help Mommy mix the batter quickly so I turned the mixer on to fast. You should have seen it. The batter flew everywhere - all over the counter and everything that was on the counter, in my hair, all over me and Mommy. It was fun.

Just yesterday I decided to help Mommy unpack from our trip to Georgia (we went to see Uncle Jesse graduate from Basic Training). We got home last Saturday and she still hadn't unpack so I just thought she needed help. I got into the suitcase and threw all of the clothes out onto a pile "for laundry".

Ee cleaned up the mess for me. I am teaching him how to be my helper.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Donut Trees

This is a picture of a donut seed.

A long time ago (Mommy says back in April), I was visiting Grammy and Pappy. Pappy took me outside and I helped him plant some seeds. He said that they were donut seeds and in a couple days we could pick donuts off of the donut trees that would grow.

Sure enough, Mommy and Daddy took me to their house a couple of days later. There were new trees all over the yard and each tree had a donut in them. Me and Ee got to pick the donuts and then EAT THEM!!! I love donuts!

This is a picture of me last year enjoying a donut. I still love them, but I don't make a mess with them anymore so Mommy doesn't take pictures of me eating them.

This is a picture of Ee just last week enjoying a donut. I think I am going to talk to Mommy about planting donut trees in our garden instead of yucky zucchini!