Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I was Tagged.

Miss Classic Mama tagged me again.

Where is your cell phone? I have free (3). They are all in the toy room, unless Ee took 'em.
Where is your significant other? I would say my mommy is my significant other. She is in the computer room with me.
Your hair color? dark blonde
Your mother? brown
Your father? brown
Your favorite thing? my notebook
Your dream last night? I don't remember
Your dream/goal? to be bigger to mommy
Your hobby? blowing bubbles
Your fear? the grumpy old troll on Dora
Where do you want to be in 6 years? painting in school
Where were you last night? at home with Ee and Daddy
What you’re not? sleepy, even though Mommy says it is naptime
One of your wish-list items? stamps, stickers, gwue, paper
Where you grew up? PA
The last thing you did? pwayed with blocks and pooped
What are you wearing? lime green warm-up suit
Your TV? I wuv it
Your pet? lots of stuffed animals
Your computer? I wuv to do games too
Your mood? happy
Missing someone? Aunt Wyssa
Your car? my car is green
Something you’re not wearing? panies - when I bigger to Mommy I will wear panies
Favorite store? I wike Giant for donuts
Your summer? I wike the beach
Love someone? Ava
Your favorite color? Green
When is the last time you laughed? this morning at McDonald's. I told Mommy a riddle "Once upon a time, there was a slide in the forest." That is so funny.
Last time you cried? This morning because my back hurts.
The purple answers are answers that I answered. Mommy gave the green answers for me.