Friday, August 31, 2007

Early Morning

I know how much my mommy loves me and loves playing with me. So today I decided to get up early to start our day. Mommy didn't seem real happy at 5:30 am. She told me it was too early to get up. So we laid in her bed until about 8:00 am. I did dose off a little, but trust me I don't let her get up without me. I like it when she lets me in her bed. It is nice and comfy and I really like knowing that she is right there. I think she likes knowing where I am too - that's why I get up early a lot!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Poop Story

This morning Mommy gave Ee and I a bath. After the bath, mommy let me run around naked while she put clothes on Ee. Well I had to poop. So like always I just squatted down and pooped. I don't think Mommy was too happy that I pooped on Ee's bedroom carpet. She said "luckily it wasn't runny". I don't quite understand that.

We went to the pet store and I got to see all kinds of fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and kitty cats. We even got to see a couple of puppies with their owners!

Anyhow on the way home Ee fell asleep. Mommy just let him in his car seat when we got home. He started waking up and crying. I do not like him crying so I thought I would try to soothe him - since Mommy was sending Grammy an email and wasn't close by. The only thing I had available was the tube of chapstick in my hand. So I not so gently put it in his mouth. This did not soothe him. He just cried harder and Mommy came running. Somehow, I got in trouble for trying to help.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Mommy Didn't Know

Today, Mommy was talking to Grandmom on the phone. Ee and I were both unhappy because she wasn't playing with us. Ee started crying. I don't like when he cries so I hit him on the head. Mommy got off of the phone right away - my plan worked. Except she decided to give me a spanking.

She took me over to the couch, pulled my shorts down, and my diaper up so my cheek would be exposed. I got my spanking - I do not like getting spanked. Mommy gave me a hug and started talking to me about what I did wrong.

Next thing I know she had poop all over her hand and on my clothes. I pooped before the spanking and she didn't think to look for that. Maybe next time she will think twice about spanking me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Hi, My name is Princess. I am 22-months-old. My mom thought I should start a blog so that I can keep a record of how I keep her busy these days. I sure do have fun doing things just to see how she responds. She thinks I don't understand much yet, but trust me I do.

Like the other day it was almost bedtime. I asked for a snack "peese" (in a very cute voice). Daddy says "I can't say no to that", I got a snack therefore I didn't have to go to bed right away. The next day my mommy told her friend about this. Now I say "peese" all the time and get what I want. I am finding that it doesn't work all the time, but even if it works some of the time I'm going to continue.

I hope you enjoy hearing my fun stories on a regular basis. I hope to write often.