Thursday, December 6, 2007

My First Real Snow

Yesterday it snowed! When I first looked out the window, I saw the snow flakes but everything else looked normal. Then I looked outside a little bit later and there was snow(I pronounce it "nose") everywhere ... on mommy's car, on the sidewalk, on trees.

After my afternoon nap, Mommy put a lot of clothes on me and Ee. Mommy got my Pooh shovel out for me to play with (My aunt "ween" bought it for me for my first Christmas. I am finally able to use it). I had so much fun. I really like the snow.
I played for what Mommy said was 20 minutes, but then my hands started to hurt from being really cold. Mommy had put mittens on me, but the snow kept sticking to them and I didn't like that so I took them off.
Last night we were at Grammy's house for dinner. When we were leaving, Daddy had to clean the car off so I got to play in the snow a little bit more! I really like the snow!

Maybe Mommy will let me play in it again today.

This is a picture of Ee out in the snow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

  • I turned 2 years old on Saturday! Mommy and Daddy had celebrations for me all weekend.
  • On Friday, Mommy invited some of my friends to the Fun Fort at Paulus' Farm Market. We had a great time. There was a soybean and corn kernel box (instead of sand) to play in. There was a bean bag toss, hay slide, hay tunnel, hay maze, and my favorite a table with crayons and pictures to color. I think all of my friends had alot of fun. Then we came back to my house and had lunch and cupcakes. I also got some fun "prizes". (Mommy calls them presents.)
  • Saturday morning when I woke up, there were about 20 balloons on my bedroom floor and streamers hanging off of my ceiling fan. I got a huge smile on my face. The first thing I did was run through the balloons. It was so much fun. Then we went downstairs and I got to open more prizes!
  • On Saturday after my nap, we went to Daddy's old school. We went through a museam with all kinds of animals in it. Mommy wanted me to touch a live snake, but there was no way that I was going to do that. Then we went down to a parking lot where they were having a carnival. I got Elmo painted on my cheek. I also watched some kids come down a big slide. It was fun to watch them since the slide was too big for me.
  • On Sunday, we went to church for Ee baby dedication. Then after lunch, all of my family came to my house for ice cream cake. They also brought me prizes! I am a blessed girl to receive all of the prizes that I got.
  • Yesterday, I went to the doctor for my 2-year check up. I am 31-inches tall and 21.12 pounds, which puts me in the -3 percentile. As everyone says, I am just petite!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Hair Cut

(This is me eating lunch after my haircut)
All week Mommy has been telling me that I am getting my haircut soon. She said that the lady would make my hair wet and the go ch, ch, ch (with scissor motions) and that I would have to sit still.

Well today was the day!

We went in. I didn't want to sit on that big chair all by myself so I sat on Mommy's lap. Mommy said if I was a good girl that I could get a new ball when I was done. I sat there like a brave little girl. The lady, Miss Susan, made my hair wet just like Mommy said, then she started cutting my hair.

The hair fell on my lap and on Mommy. I didn't like that. Miss Susan and Mommy tried to show me how to blow it off or brush it off, but I didn't want any part of that. I couldn't believe it - all that hair. I really don't like hair on me so then I just decided that I had enough and tried to get down. Mommy held me tight so I couldn't. I guess the hair cut was a good idea, because now my hair doesn't get in my eyes.

I barely cried so I did get not 1, but 4 new balls!!!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

My Brother

My brother, Ee is just a baby. I know that I am a BIG girl!

I like to help Mommy take care of him. She says that I am a big helper.

One way I help is I share my toys with him. Yup! I pile them all on top of him. I can't see his face, but I am sure that he is smiling under all of the toys. Mommy keeps telling me not to do that - something about him not being able to breathe. I don't know what that means, so as long as I think he is happy I am going to keep putting all of my toys on him.

Sometimes he cries. So I put his pacifier in his mouth. This doesn't always do the trick. He just cries harder. I don't know why. I am pushing it as hard as I can! He just won't suck on it.

Then if that doesn't work, I try this. I have seen Mommy and Daddy put their finger in his mouth and that stops the crying. So I put my finger in his mouth as far as I can. This doesn't seem to work either. He just starts coughing funny.

Oh well. I will just keep trying.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Early Morning

I know how much my mommy loves me and loves playing with me. So today I decided to get up early to start our day. Mommy didn't seem real happy at 5:30 am. She told me it was too early to get up. So we laid in her bed until about 8:00 am. I did dose off a little, but trust me I don't let her get up without me. I like it when she lets me in her bed. It is nice and comfy and I really like knowing that she is right there. I think she likes knowing where I am too - that's why I get up early a lot!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another Poop Story

This morning Mommy gave Ee and I a bath. After the bath, mommy let me run around naked while she put clothes on Ee. Well I had to poop. So like always I just squatted down and pooped. I don't think Mommy was too happy that I pooped on Ee's bedroom carpet. She said "luckily it wasn't runny". I don't quite understand that.

We went to the pet store and I got to see all kinds of fish, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds, and kitty cats. We even got to see a couple of puppies with their owners!

Anyhow on the way home Ee fell asleep. Mommy just let him in his car seat when we got home. He started waking up and crying. I do not like him crying so I thought I would try to soothe him - since Mommy was sending Grammy an email and wasn't close by. The only thing I had available was the tube of chapstick in my hand. So I not so gently put it in his mouth. This did not soothe him. He just cried harder and Mommy came running. Somehow, I got in trouble for trying to help.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

What Mommy Didn't Know

Today, Mommy was talking to Grandmom on the phone. Ee and I were both unhappy because she wasn't playing with us. Ee started crying. I don't like when he cries so I hit him on the head. Mommy got off of the phone right away - my plan worked. Except she decided to give me a spanking.

She took me over to the couch, pulled my shorts down, and my diaper up so my cheek would be exposed. I got my spanking - I do not like getting spanked. Mommy gave me a hug and started talking to me about what I did wrong.

Next thing I know she had poop all over her hand and on my clothes. I pooped before the spanking and she didn't think to look for that. Maybe next time she will think twice about spanking me!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Hi, My name is Princess. I am 22-months-old. My mom thought I should start a blog so that I can keep a record of how I keep her busy these days. I sure do have fun doing things just to see how she responds. She thinks I don't understand much yet, but trust me I do.

Like the other day it was almost bedtime. I asked for a snack "peese" (in a very cute voice). Daddy says "I can't say no to that", I got a snack therefore I didn't have to go to bed right away. The next day my mommy told her friend about this. Now I say "peese" all the time and get what I want. I am finding that it doesn't work all the time, but even if it works some of the time I'm going to continue.

I hope you enjoy hearing my fun stories on a regular basis. I hope to write often.