Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Curtains

I wanted curtains on my bed that I can open and close easily all by myself. Mommy and I went shopping for the fabric the other day. We went to a store with a lot of fabric. I did not have any trouble finding what I wanted....nice, shiny, soft pink fabric.

Yesterday we took the fabric to Grandmom's house. She cut and sewed the edges for me. (Mommy said Grandmom is better at sewing than she is. I told her to watch Grandmom and learn.) We brought the curtains home and hung them up.

As soon as we hung them up, I had mommy move my dress-up clothes inside. I love closing the curtains, changing my clothes, and revealing my "new" outfit! It is so much fun.

I slept inside the curtains last night too. It's like a tent!

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