Saturday, September 10, 2011


I just finished my 2nd week of Kindergarten.  I love Kindergarten.  The first week I cried a little each day, but the second week I didn't cry at all.  My teacher is Mrs. Deiter.  She is very nice.

I am learning all kinds of things.  I have learned the rules at school.  I am learning to sound out words with the letter sounds.  I learned the "The Song".  Now I know how to spell "the".  We have 2 recesses.  We get to play outside (except when it is raining).

We have a class teddy bear.  His name is Brown Bear.  Every weekend he goes home with a different kid.  This weekend he got to come home with me.  I was the first kid to bring him home this year.  I was chosen because I was sitting the most quiet and still when the teacher told us to sit quietly.  So far I took him to the playground, Chick Fil A, and to my dance class.  I love having Brown Bear.  We are having so much fun.

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